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A.B.C. Editions

Artists Bistro Café - or A.B.C. for short - exists to publish books that, by their very nature, are perhaps unlikely to find a home with an established commercial publishing house.


After all, not all books are destined to become overnight sensations, bestseller chart-toppers, book club favourites, cultural icons or household names... in sum, the kinds of books that established, big-time editing houses are more than happy to publish - and handsomely profit by.

No. Some books are destined first for a small readership, small print-runs, and relative anonymity... that is, until by some miracle their quirky gifts are discovered and recognised - the story of Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance being an apt case in point.

Authors believe in themselves for no good reason. It is a hard world to live in, though, when your work stands outside the canon of what agents and publishers deem to be worthy (read, commercially viable).

At the start, I created A.B.C. Editions to publish my own books. They were so far removed from the well-trodden commercial paths that I knew it was pointless to waste my time trying to interest traditional channels.

Today, A.B.C. is ready to expand its catalogue to include worthy (read, interesting) projects by other authors writing in English or French. Stay tuned for developments...

About our website . . .

Working as I do on a shoestring budget, a free website editor like Wix makes perfect sense. It’s free, so long as one accepts the banner they add

for themselves at the top of the page.

Okay. I accept that. Helps keep the overhead down. I figure that people want affordable books more than they want banner-free websites.

And what’s with the seashore, you wonder?


Well, I found it among Wix’s free background themes. It so happens that I live on an island off the western coast of France, and this seashore you see fairly resembles my favourite local beach.


Thus, for me it’s more than just a hackneyed theme from a website editor’s catalogue of free stock images and videos.


It reminds me of home.

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