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A topsy-turvy tale of European circles, Cold War repercussions and crosscurrent connections, in which a puzzleheaded Russian princess,

‘Linus! How dare you!’

Hermann retrieved the case and gently took her arm.

‘Wally! Unhand me, you brute!’

‘The door is this way, Princess.’

a dogged revolutionist from the erstwhile DDR,

“Max, komm her!” flustered George. “Oh, what's gotten into him?

He’s never disobeyed me like this. Max!”

and a non compos linguist at the celebrated Sorbonne,

“Good Lord,” the rector hissed. “What a jackass. Josephine!

Langouste's groveling in broad daylight. Go down there

on the double and kick the cur off the sidewalk.”

unwittingly heed the words of a Wise River Trout –

‘Whither thou goest, the Way lieth in either Direction.’

  • Paperback: 324 pages

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13: 978-2957028603

  • Format: 5.25" x 8" / 203 x 133mm

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